Listen to an exerpt from "The Acid Queen"

I was blessed with the opportunity of being the worldwide head of production and A&R at United Artists Records in 1974 at the age of 24. I inherited many sleeping recording artists and some that just needed a new perspective to their talent. Right at that time, Ike and Tina Turn
er (who were roster artists) had just opened a Rolling Stones tour. Seeing Tina magnetize the core rock audience gave me a brainstorm that resonates to this day.

Pete Townshend and Ken Russell were teaming up to produce a motion picture version of TOMMY, a classic rock opera by The Who. Given my nexus with our sister company, United Artists Films and some "inside" information, I got hold of an early script. The role of the Acid Queen was a natural for Tina. I was able to help orchestrate it and lo and behold, she had the role! Additionally, when Ike and Tina came off the road, I arranged and produced a rockin' Stone-esque single for them called "BABY, GET IT ON" which was not only true to their R&B roots but rocked in a similar vein to "Brown Sugar" and "Tumblin' Dice," classic Rolling Stone smashes. Our record was a bona fide hit that actually crossed over and opened the door for Tina's solo rock debut.

At that point, I developed some trust from Ike, who was extremely suspicious and distrusting of everyone - especially a 25-year-old kid with hair at his shoulders. He allowed me to arrange and produce a solo album with Tina. My concept was to rock yet still be soulful. The result was "THE ACID QUEEN". Working with Tina Turner as both a stellar singer and a kind human being, was one of the most special, foundational moments at the beginning of my record-producing career.