I have produced a lot of records since I started in this wonderful yet erratic world of music and entertainment at the age of 18. The first demo I produced and arranged was for a song my best friend and I had written called "Picture Postcard." It was my first nationally released song when, in 1968, Gary Lewis and the Playboys cut it and had a minor hit . The producer of that record copied my demo, note for note. Since those carefree UCLA days when I paid my initial dues in the music business, I have had the good fortune to have experienced and worked with some of the most special talent this planet has to offer. I have learned, struggled, fought and pushed at all times for artistic excellence and a different way of doing things. My way has not always worked, nor has it always been met with the amount of enthusiasm that I put forth. Nevertheless, I can look back on the body of my work and feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. The following is a detailed overviewl of some of my favorite moments, struggles and benchmarks.

"The Acid Queen"
Tina Turner
"Blinded By The Light"
Allan Clarke
"Children of the Sun"
Billy Thorpe
"Metal Health"
Quiet Riot
Jon Butcher
"Building Bridges"
Isle of Man
"Brian May & Stevie Wonder"
"Soundtrack: Carter Burwell"
Gods and Monsters
"Mick Fleetwood"
Mr. Music